Welcome to Sophie Pace Corsets. All my corsets are custom-made to individual measurements and your design details and fabric options. For those looking for mininal hassle, you will find a number of designs to choose from which need as little changing as you wish. On the other hand, for those of you with more experience, it also possible to customize almost all elements depending on your desires or needs.

All the designs differ slightly in the posture and silhouette they create, there are different styles to suit your tastes, and as a Costume graduate, there are also a number of designs that are historical in origin.¬†Each design’s elements have been explained, and there are also notes on its origin, the body shape it gives, which elements can/cannot be altered for whatever reason, and any other selected relevant information.

I strongly suggest you visit the Construction section of this site before proceeding to choosing your corset so as to familiarize yourself a little with some of the vernacular and common corset elements. Thank you for visiting Sophie Pace Corsets.

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